Last month, I was testing some raw pumpkin pie recipes for Rachael. Rachael is a dear friend of mine, we met at Matthew Kenney Academy. She is very inspirational, has a very informative blog, you can find more about her here. (I will post one of her recipes next week, she was very kind to give me a very tasty recipe of hers!) So, after couple tastings I came up with a great recipe. Most of the raw pumpkin pie recipes don’t use pumpkin, and I really like the taste of them so I had to find a way to incorporate them to the recipe. I came up with a solution; to marinate shredded pumpkin with maple syrup! It really helps the starchiness to break down. So happy Thanksgiving! Find the recipe here.

raw pumpkin pie 2

raw pumpkin pie 3

raw pumpkin pie 4

raw pumpkin pie 5

raw pumpkin pie 6

raw pumpkin pie