Last month, I have shared my routine in Marie Claire Magazine. I’m working 6 days a week, and have a very busy schedule, so it is really important for me to look after myself in the best way possible. That way I found myself very productive and concentrated well at work. In a very busy day, I try to go outside of the office and do some breathing exercise just for 15 minutes, or take a nap, which makes my whole day a lot more productive.

I find motivation and inspiration in a lot of things, but educating myself and reading about inspirational people who have a positive outlook on life and have their own way of healthy routines really makes me want to push myself further. I love meeting people who are over 70 and they say they feel amazing. Longevity is a subject I really devoted myself learning more and more about, and I know every person who lives very long have their own way of understanding of health. Here are my tips and tricks which I find very useful for feeling my best.

weekly produce haulmy weekly organic produce haul, eating rainbow colours is really important to make sure you get your variety of phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins as well as enzymes.

06.00: First thing in the morning, I do dry skin-brushing. I use an organic brush made with bamboo. It is great for increasing circulation to the skin, encouraging your body to discharge metabolic waste. It also helps stimulating lymphatic system, helping to eliminate toxins from the body.

I sometimes do oil-pulling. I use coconut oil, swishing it around my mouth for 10 minutes minimum. It helps pulling toxins out and great for teeth. If I run out of time, I use a tongue cleaner to scrape the layer on the tongue.

Next, I drink highly alkaline water (around pH 9-10), and sometimes I add lemon and cayenne pepper in it. It helps increasing the pH of the body and wakes my digestive system slowly.

alkaline water

06.20: I try to go out if the weather is nice, and do some breathing exercise and yoga. I take a quick shower and get ready for work. If I have in hand, I juice fresh wheatgrass, if not, I prepare a green juice. I try to use whatever in season, but my favorite combination is: collard greens, rocket, parsley, celery, lemon, ginger and apple. I sometimes add Raw Reserve powder for boosting the nutritional value.

DOM_1169photo courtesy of Ömer Doğan


wheatgrass & green juice

08.30: Time to start to the work… My appointments start early in the morning. Instead of coffee, I try to have matcha, ginseng or dandelion root tea during meetings.



photo courtesy of Ömer Doğan

10.00: One of my beauty secrets is a mixture I drink everyday: organic blackstrap or carob molasses, maca powder and turmeric. If someone asks me ‘What do you use for your skin?’ I always suggest them this miraculous mix. It balances hormones, has a high antioxidant and mineral value. It is also a great anti-inflammatory thanks to turmeric.

I drink this pre-breakfast. Having a late breakfast is a habit I got accustomed to while living in States. I really don’t think eating very early in the morning is healthy. To me, it is best to wake up your digestive system slowly. The best breakfast is only fruit, preferably mono-fruit meals. Sometimes I also prepare oat/amaranth/millet porridge made with homemade oat/almond or hemp milk.

maca molassesbrekkie3
maca powder & molasses and turmeric mix // amaranth porridge with bananas, raspberries and coconut flakes


fresh egyptian mango (my absolute favorite fruit in the world) // blueberries

brekkie1banana mono meal with coconut sugar and cinnamon // apples with date paste

14.00: I usually get hungry again around this time. Smoothie is a very easy and quick lunch, especially if I am working busy that day. But when I mean a smoothie, I am talking about a giant one, around 1.5 liters. I always be careful to combine fruits well to not have digestion problems. If I don’t have any ripe fruits at hand (which is rare, but it happens) I make a big salad with lots of raw veggies, keeping the fat intake low.


smoothies3orange + pink grapefuit + beetroot // açai nice cream with blueberries

smoothies1açai nice cream with dates, raspberries, redberries, shredded red apple and coconut flakes // strawberry chia smoothie

16.00: I usually give a seminar at this hour, so to keep my energy levels high, I eat snacks such as dates. I also prefer a juice sometimes like beetroot, apple, cucumber combination.

datesjuice2date ‘cubes’ with nuts, cinnamon and sesame seeds // beetroot, lemon, watermelon juice

18.45: Usually three times per week, I use infrared sauna. It strengthens your immune system and comparing to the conventional saunas, it is 7 times more detoxifying.

I do Thai Box with a trainer two times per week, which is my preferred cardio exercise. If I’m travelling, I always bring jump rope with me and skip for 15 minutes (low-high intensity). Other days, I do Ballet Beautiful exercises by Mary Helen Bowers. It is inspired by ballet and really helps you to tone & strengthen your muscles in the most feminine way. I bring the DVD’s with me when I’m travelling and I can do it everywhere, no tools necessary which is great. I also enjoy brisk walking if the weather is good.

DOM_1306kickbox                 photo courtesy of Ömer Doğan

19:30: I love my huge dinners. It takes me usually 1.30 hours to finish my meal so I do other things while I’m eating, like answering my emails, reading books & magazines. I love brown rice or quinoa sushi, raw veggie rice paper wraps, mash potatoes or baked ‘fries’, sweet potatoes, homemade kimchi, root veggie soup, big salads… To me dinner is my most important meal. I never restrict my calories because I need energy and I eat very clean foods anyway.

dinner3purslane salad with baked potatoes & onions marinated in tomato sauce // amarant balls on a fresh crispy salad

dinner2raw rainbowl with mashed yams // pumpkin soup with alfalfa sprouts // raw purslane salad with avocado sauce

dinner1brown rice sushi with raw veggies and sauerkraut // no-fat baked ‘fries’ // jasmine rice bowl with rainbow veggies, avocado sauce & cilantro

dinner4lettuce garlicky potato mash cups with celeriac, apple, parsley salad // quinoa sushi

22.00: Some nights I take 30 minutes-long baths, I use Himalayan salt, bentonite clay, ginger, bicarbonate and lavender oil. It relaxes muscles and detoxifies your body. I try to do clay mask on my face while I am having the bath.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 12.02.38

22.45: I drink kombucha just before I go to sleep, it is my favorite probiotic source. I always drink it on empty stomach.

After cleansing my face with organic cleanser and brushing my teeth with homemade toothpaste, a deep sleep is waiting for me.


Just remember,  having a routine is really great, but so is breaking it. It is nice to have a break sometimes, listen to your body and have rest, eat different foods, enjoy a glass a wine or two with friends. Enjoying variety of foods without restricting yourself is crucial, as well as finding your own balance. If I feel like I over-indulged during travel, I do detox/juice fasting when I return, or increase the plant foods and increase the intensity of my workouts. Again, this is my balance, yours can be totally a different one that suits your lifestyle.

***All photos taken from my instagram account unless otherwise stated: @cisemcakir