It all started with a coincidence… but wait, there is no such thing as coincidence, right? So let me explain how I found myself in Bucharest first. This past summer, we had the privilege of welcoming Andreea Marin, who is apparently quite famous with her TV shows in Romania. A close friend of hers recommended our detox center, Gardens of Babylon Well being Resort, so that is how we met. She was very kind, honest and positive, we had a close bound from day one. We had long conversations about her diet, exercise program and her wellness overall… During one of these conversations, I remember she said ‘You are doing something great. And these words are coming from a woman who is a perfectionist and very honest. We should spread the word and let Romanians know about these stuff!’ I am very grateful because she is actually one of those people who encouraged me to do better… ‘So the next step is, you will come to my new show and we will do something with you.’ I was like ‘OK, me? On a live show? No way…’ but I said that I will do it. So couple months after, completely forgotten that I had given my promise, I got an email from her assistant saying I should be in Bucharest in two weeks, that I will be one of the guests on her Pretuieste Vieta show…

So that is the story actually. I was very busy during my visit- shopping for the food that I would prepare on the show, meeting with Andreea to speak about the content, and shootings. We have done couple shootings which I would share on Facebook when they aired. Here is a shot from the live show;

me & Andreea on the live show

Like I said, I was so busy the first 3 days, I didn’t have time to explore the city! Although this is my excuse; I had only one free day in Bucharest and I preferred to discover the healthy living spots rather than touristic places. It was my priority because of the increasing Romanian customers we had, I wanted to be able to tell them where to shop, where to eat in Bucharest… So here it is; my couple favorite places that I discovered in Bucharest. My time was limited so I could only visit few places, but this series will likely continue with my next visit and new discoveries.

Mio Bio

This is an organic cosmetics and skincare shop, but they also carry organic/ecological household products, soaps and chemical-free perfumes. I loved the place, it was packed with my favorite organic brands like Weleda, Jason, Madara… I also discovered local brands and new brands I have never heard of such as Florascent Perfumeurs, a chemical-free perfume brand. I loved most of the perfumes in the series, they smell natural and very beautiful indeed. You should definitely stop by this place if you decide to detox your bathroom and vanity. I will talk about the importance of organic cosmetics and skincare in another post because it is a very important subject, most people are not aware of the chemicals they put on their bodies. Our skin is our biggest organ so we need to be gentle and try to use natural alternatives as much as possible!

Mio Bio 1

Mio Bio 2

Address: Str. Jules Michelet Nr. 9 (Zona P-ţa Romană / din Magheru / vis-a-vis de Ambasada Marii Britanii)

Tel: 0731 365 816


This is a health food store right in the center of the city (I stayed in Athenee Hilton so it took 3 minutes for me to walk there). It was fully packed with superfoods, alkalinizing grains & seeds, sea vegetables, herbal tea blends, organic skincare, essential oils, supplements, Ayurveda and homeopathic remedies, gluten-free (think Soba noodles) / refined sugar-free products (think raw chocolate made with agave or honey), on and on… I have probably spent there 1.30 hours. I have found some of my favorite food brands there such as Clearspring (organic japanese seaweed, sea vegetables and fermented soy products such as miso), and Yogi Tea… I talk a lot about the benefits of superfoods and sea vegetables in my classes, and customers are always asking me desperately  where to find these things.. You just need to know where to look at. I am sure in near future, with a bigger demand, these superfoods can be found in regular supermarkets and shops… Till then, we need stores like Ki-Life, they are probably saving our lives. 🙂


Address: Strada Piaţa Amzei Nr. 17
Tel: +40 21 307 9440


Rawdia became my favorite spot in Bucharest. Why? Because it was packed with yummy smoothies, juices and  take-away raw food (snacks, desserts, soups..). I loved the beautifully decorated place, I ordered some coconut cheesecake and it was truly delicious. They served it with cacao nibs and honey. I also bought some raw falafel balls and almond milk smoothie- they were my airport food. Really tasty, and the service was very good, they were really helpful. They also have a small shop which you can find some superfoods. I was very surprised to find Xylitol there- I was searching it for months! Long story short- go there. If the weather is good, they have some tables outside.




Address: Str. Putul Lui Zamfir 50-52
Tel: 0784.203.251 



A vegan / raw vegan restaurant; this is a place where you can introduce anyone a raw vegan cuisine. The menu is quite good actually, all the cult raw vegan dishes can be found here like zucchini pasta, lasagna, etc. I have tried the zucchini pasta with pesto sauce, it was tremendous. Probably one of the best I have ever had.  They also have a small shop fully packed with superfoods, alternative sweeteners, slow juicers, blenders…  They also have a good juice menu. If I’d live in Bucharest, I would go there probably several times a week!



Address: Strada Leonida 11
Tel: +40747 594718

Bio Fresh

My last stop was Bio Fresh. It is a vegetarian / vegan / raw vegan cafe, it has a ‘terrace’ as Romanians say (outdoor dining tables). I was actually shocked when I have seen the menu; it was the biggest menu I have ever seen in a vegetarian / vegan restaurant and so many choices were available, I really couldn’t believe it. It is impossible to order one thing, you suddenly want to order more than 3 things- it is very tempting! I went there full (my mistake but like I said- my time was limited) so I ordered a snack. Raw bread with guacamole- and let me tell you; it was the best raw bread I have ever tasted. No but seriously- I have visited so many raw restaurants in U.S. and never came across something like this. I was also very impressed with the juice menu- I couldn’t even counted how many juices they had. Probably 50 or something! I really recommend this place; it may be a good spot to go with carnivore friends, they also have alcohol so while you enjoy your healthy food, they also won’t feel restricted as there are so many choices.


BioFresh 2



Address: Leon Voda, Nr 19 040288
Tel: 021 331 70 01
So I hope you enjoy this post! Hopefully I will visit Bucharest again, and discover even more places… Please share in the comments if you visit and liked other places, it would be very helpful to others.