Last month, I was testing some raw pumpkin pie recipes for Rachael. Rachael is a dear friend of mine, we met at Matthew Kenney Academy. She is very inspirational, has a very informative blog, you can find more about her here. (I will post one of her recipes next week,
Last month, I attended my first Kinfolk event in Milk Gallery, which was very exciting for me. I discovered Kinfolk magazine this summer, and I subscribed to it immediately simply because, it was THE most beautiful print I have ever seen. It is ad-free (yay!), and it collects ideas from
It all started with a coincidence… but wait, there is no such thing as coincidence, right? So let me explain how I found myself in Bucharest first. This past summer, we had the privilege of welcoming Andreea Marin, who is apparently quite famous with her TV shows in Romania. A
I have never been this far away from home and it felt good. It is really amazing how you explore the new aspects of yourself when you are out of your comfort zone. I was in Thailand, Koh Samui, for couple days and then in Bangkok. I was really blown
Clockwise from top left; Vanda sandals, Hawaianas flip-flops, The Soul of Leadership/Deepak Chopra, Q&A Diary, Whole Foods Incense Holder, Mudo and Oysho straw clutches, Oysho hat, Paper Plane Makeup Bag, Oysho bag, adidas X stella mccartney shoes, Repetto ballets, Zara lace dress, Yargıcı t-shirt. Clockwise from middle left; J Brand
(Türkçe çevirisi aşağıda) Bodrum Ecofarm Ecofarm, is a farm where you can buy their organic produce and eat breakfast, in Turgutreis. It is a very good breakfast option, all home made with ingredients coming from the farm. The bread is the best I have eaten in Bodrum, made with sourdough
(Türkçe çevirisi aşağıda) Selia Artisanal Farmery Selia Farm is one of the reasons that I am grateful to live in Bodrum. Established, designed and managed by Selva İşmen, you can see and feel that she really thought of every single detail about this place. This is a gourmet wine and
(Türkçe çevirisi aşağıda) My idea of salad does not consist of a classic combination of lettuce-cucumber-tomato-olive oil (Like we see in most restaurants in Turkey). If they’d tell me that I will like to eat salads 3 years ago, I would laugh. I never become a salad person, nor counted
(Türkçe çevirisi aşağıda) It seems very unfair to me to call this dish lasagna (it is way more tastier than original!), however, the inspiration is coming from there. It already became a vegan cult. No flour, no cheese, no meat, no cooking. It is probably the healthiest lasagna ever made
(Türkçe çevirisi aşağıda) The idea is tempting, isn’t it? Personally, I choose the easy way and snack on some soaked nuts and dried fruit most of the time, but if I find some spare time, I prefer to prepare these snacks beforehand and digging into them throughout the day. Especially
(Türkçe çevirisi aşağıda) It was my mother’s birthday yesterday, so I had to make her a 100% raw cheesecake. Recently, she started to follow a very strict diet (her doctor guided her into this decision), excluding gluten, refined sugar, yeast and dairy products. ‘What’s left behind?’ everyone reacts. It is
(Türkçe çevirisi aşağıda) If there’d be an award like this, my vote will go to the ice cream. I found myself in kitchen when I was longing for something sweet, and I decided to combine the flavors I like and experiment these combinations on ice cream. The ice cream that
(Türkçe çevirisi aşağıda)   I’m saying this because of the latest researches. You may have heard that there are lots of terms like ‘alkaline’, ‘alkaline diet’, and they have serious followers. If you are confused with the term of ‘alkaline’, then let me tell you a little bit about it