(Türkçe çevirisi aşağıda) Granola is one of my favorite recipes as it is soooo easy, but also very versatile and can be adapted to your taste. Don’t like walnuts? Use other nuts instead. Just stick to the portions and you can basically create you own mixture very easily. You can
  (Türkçe çevirisi aşağıda) Raw pizza was one of my favorite recipes ever since I have begin this lifestyle. Very filling and satisfying, it makes a great dinner option with a salad side dish. If it is done right, I found it even much tastier than regular pizza with dairy
This piece was written by me for Petals Magazine Turkey. // Bu yazı tarafımdan Petals Magazine için yazılmıştır.   Gokujou No Heya   Frozen Flowers Isetan Store Water and Bonsair Perrier Jouet Florale Shiki Terramac
This piece is written by me for Petals Magazine in Turkey. // Bu yazı Petals Magazine için tarafımdan yazılmıştır.  
(Türkçe çevirisi aşağıda) Saying goodbye to autumn and welcoming winter months means welcoming chilly mornings, cooler air, shorter days, cloudy skies, window frost, frozen hands & toes, wearing lots of layers, thick clothing, endless cup of tea and rich healthy hot food. Days become shorter, but it seems like it is never
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fotograf: Ömer Dogan Bu yazı Seninle Dergisi Ekim 2014 sayısı için yazdığım bir yazıdır. Detoksun hayatımı değiştirdiğini ve beni kesinlikle kendimin daha iyi bir versiyonuna çevirdiğini söylemek, yanlış olmaz. Detoks konusu, benim hayatımın merkezinde, işim de zaten bu; Sianji Well Being Resort’da insanlara detoksu, faydalarını anlatıyorum ve bu zorlu yolda
photo courtesy of Ömer Doğan Detox literally changed my life and help me become a better version of myself. It is a subject that I do lots of research about, I read about it everyday, and it is my daily job to teach people about detox and guide them through
Sarma Melngailis is truly one of my idols. I absolutely love her restaurant, Pure Food and Wine! She is a huge inspiration for me to lead this lifestyle, so when XOXO Mag asked me to do an interview with her, well, I couldn’t miss that. Hopefully you will enjoy reading
Switching to a healthier diet and lifestyle eventually brings up this subject: What the heck am I using on my skin? Our skin is our largest organ, and it absorbs up to 70 % of what we put on. If you are careful about what you are eating, and only
This is a long overdue post, but lately I was very busy with work, also had a 2-day Paris trip. It is always inspiring to see the Christmas spirit in Paris. I was actually blown away by the patisserie arts- it is not my first time there, but I have
Last month, I attended my second Kinfolk event. As you know, Kinfolk is a beautiful print that also organizes workshops and events all over the world (if you didn’t hear about it, I strongly recommend you to check their website and my first post about the first event I attended).
Nedir? Dünya üzerindeki besin değeri en yüksek içecek. Tam buğdayın filizlendirilip toprağa ekilmesinden elde edilir. Çok uzun yıllar boyunca terapi ve besin takviyesi amacıyla kullanılmıştır, özellikle Dr. Ann Wigmore ve onun liderliğinde kurulan enstitülerde kanser ve MS gibi kronik hastalıkları iyileştirmek amaçlı kullanılmıştır. Taze sıkılmış olanı içerdiği canlı enzim seviyesi
What is it? The most nutrient rich food in the planet. Wheatgrass is grown from the wheat seed (wheat berries) which is the whole kernel of the wheat grain. It is used for many years for its therapeutic and nutritional properties. Dr. Ann Wigmore and institutes based on her teachings
Guest Recipe by Rachael from RachaelCampbell.com You can follow her on Instagram   Facebook   Twitter    Pinterest Rachael is an intuitive mentor and healer, guiding women to listen to that voice inside themselves, so they can create a life full of success, love and happines through her website rachaelcampbell.com.