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My Living Well List

inspired by The Chalkboard Magazine

Daily Breakfast

citrus juice or green juice, depends on my mood.
following a fruit meal, either a smoothie or amaranth/quinoa/oat porridge with
bananas with other fruits on top.
Sometimes just bananas.

My Daily Supplements

Chlorella, digestive enzymes, Bach flower extracts, Cellfood drops.

My Food Philosophy in One Sentence

Eat and enjoy your REAL food.

Can’t Live Without My

Vitamix. It is essential for me in the kitchen.

5 Things Always in My Medicine Cabinet

Probiotics, tea tree oil, coconut oil, peppermint oil, apple cider vinegar

Fave Workout

Kickboxing, I never realize how the time passes so quickly, it is so much fun!
HIIT training, as it saves a lot of time and works all muscle groups in the body.
I also love rope jumping when I have limited time for a workout.

Once a Week For My Health

I get half an hour session of Infrared Sauna for detoxifying.

Best Healthy Option on the Go

bananas or soaked almonds.

How Do I Drink Water

Alkaline through a filter. I rotate in between pH 8 to pH 10.

Best Fast Food Option

Chinese/Thai and Korean restaurants because they have so many yummy low fat vegetable dishes.

Best Healthy Restaurant Tips

I ask for salads without cheese (if it is not goat cheese), and ask for more cucumber on top as they are very alkalinizing.
If there is something in the menu including quinoa, I’m in.

At Least Once a Week I Cook

Brown rice with veggies.

if I Could Give Just One Piece of Health Advice It’d Be

Don’t stress or obsess over things.

Reading List

The China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell, Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko, Living Foods for Optimum Health by Dr. Brian Clement, Spiritual Nutrition by Dr. Gabriel Cousens and Everyday Raw Detox by Matthew Kenney.

Crazy Health Ideas That Actually Works

Taking a natural salt bath to detoxify
oil pulling.


Min 7 hr sleep.

Simplest Way to Improve Health

Add more water-rich plants,veggies and fruits and you will see a huge difference.

Fave Health Getaway

Anywhere tropical where I can find fresh young coconuts and tropical fruit is a health getaway for me:)

My Current Mantra

Think big. There are unseen forces ready to support your dreams.

My Health Passion

“Healthifying” meals and desserts. I get so excited about creating nourishing, nutrient-rich versions of favorite not-so-healthy treats.

Health Trend to Skip

Think big. There are unseen forces ready to support your dreams.

My Health Passion

Anything extreme.

My Go to Juice and Smoothie

Green Juice using collard greens, parsley, rocket, celery, green apple, ginger and lemon. Mango smoothies when I find beautiful Egyptian mangoes, coconut water and bananas. simple but so yum!